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About Us

Founded in May, 2010, JC Cherry is a global marketing arm of JC Electronics Corporation, a Tokyo-based leading connectors and CPU sockets manufacturer.
JC Cherry also offers full technical supports to JC Electronics’ customers in US and other countries.

Custom Connectors & Sockets to Your Specific Needs

Backed with over 30 years experience in design and manufacturing of connectors and sockets, our team of experts helps you to build custom components
and parts exactly to your specific requirements. In particular, our expertise in the following works is highly commended by our customers;

Round Pin Sockets,

Spring Probe Pins,

High Current Connectors,

RF Connectors, and Harnessing

As information technology evolves, users and their applications call on further downsized electronic parts with more enhanced performance.
By addressing the challenge that customers are facing, JC Cherry, together with JC Electronics Corporation,strive to deliver more reliable products of higher performance
for the utmost customers’ satisfaction.

Markets We Serve

Semiconductor : Components for inspection, test and manufacturing equipment
Medical : Precision plastic molded components for medical instruments
Military : Aero and auto parts, RF-related products and parts for ground facilities
Industrial : Carrier devices, Laser and parts for vacuum/high temperature environment
Measurement : Sensor sockets, PCB connectors
Automobile : Auto parts and testing instruments

Company Name: JC CHERRY INC.
Office Location: 8550 W Desert Inn Rd #102166 Las Vegas, NV 89117 USA
TEL: 702-475-5833 Email: info@jccherry.com
Establishment: October 17th, 2013
Capital Fund: Authorized: US$ 190,000
Ececutives: Osamu Arai / President
Masakazu Aoto / Director
Banks: Bank of America / Spring Mountain And Jones Branch
Branch in Japan: 2-8-6 Todoroki Setagaya-Ku, Tokyo 158-0082 Japan
Affiliated Company: JC Electronics Corporation Japan (Nihon Connect Kogyo)
Business Purpose: 1) Import and Export of Electronics Parts and Instruments.
2) Manufacturing of Electoronics Parts.
3) Imports and Exports of Arts and Crafts.
4) Imports and Exports of Industrial Products.


We are currently recruiting distributor / sales representative. Your application or inquiry is welcome.

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